A Guide to the Vegan City

We’re passionate Vegans in a city with some of the most creative, quirky, and downright delicious Vegan food on earth. Whether you’re a long-term resident of the City of Angels, or a visitor seeking a cruelty-free guide to your stay, we hope that, over the months to come, this site will become the resource you need.

Los Angeles is vegan heaven. I honestly don’t think any other city (and I will dominate you NYC) can hold a candle to LA Vegan Fun. If you love to drive and sit in traffic you can have one amazing vegan gluttonous adventure here if you don’t choke and die on the pollution.

Must visits

Real Food Daily in Santa Monica or West Hollywood (both have an amazing Sunday Brunch)

  • Native Foods in Westwood
  • M Cafe in Culver City, West Hollywood or Beverly Hills
  • Pure Luck & Scoops in Silver Lake
  • Flore in Silver Lake for their vegan omega pancakes.
  • Fatty’s and Co. in Eagle Rock
  • Madelines Bistro in Encino
  • Veggie Grill in El Segundo & Sunset
  • Seed in Venice
  • Follow Your Heart in the Valley (home of the famous vegan cheese)
  • Baby Cakes Vegan Bakery In Downtown
  • Cruser Pizza (one location is 100% vegan – you can order in next door at the Desert Rose)

Those are our rock stars. Of course we have about 100 vegan Thai restaurants. Every city in America has Thai restaurants and Indian restaurants that are vegan friendly, just saying…

Rare Vegan Adventures

  • Shojin in Little Tokyo Downtown (Japanese traditional food 100% vegan)
  • Garden Wok in Encino (Chinese Vegan food dim sum)

Vegan Restaurant Los AngelesLate Night Vegan Eats

  • LA goes beddy bye early folks. A lot of places stop seating people at 9pm-9:30pm
  • Swingers in Santa Monica and West Hollywood 2am stop seating.
  • The Waffle in West Hollywood 2am weekdays 4am weekends
  • Toi on Sunset 3am all nights.

Don’t forget your SWEET TOOTH:

  • IcePan (Soy healthy ice cream) West Hollywood & Redondo Beach
  • Angelato Cafe (Vegan Tofulati & Sorbetto) – Santa Monica ***Great for walking the Third Street Promenade
  • Urth Cafe (Vegan Chocolate Cake & Cookies/ Rice or Soy blended ice drinks) Beverly Hills & Venice ***Extremely hip!!

Stock up on Supplements

Los Angeles is a vegan paradise with countless options for healthy and nutritious food. When it comes to stocking up on supplements, the city has a number of great options to choose from. Erewhon Market is a great option if you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for all your vegan supplement needs. With multiple locations throughout the city, this organic market offers an extensive selection of vitamins, minerals, and superfood supplements, including many microalgae-based products, such as chlorella.